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I would like to present the artwork of leading Russian born artist Mr Georgij Safronow.
His portfolio represents significant number of various art work from:
  • Paintings,
  • Photography,
  • Drawings,
  • Monotypes,
  • Watercolours.
You can view each section, we enclose just some of his work, full portfolio on the link attached.


An artist born in Moscow in 1947, graduated from Moscow poligraphical institute, the department of graphics and book illustration. He eareend his dyploma in 1976. Two years later hi went to live in Poland.

Georgij Safronow is a member of the Association of Polish Artists. He takes an active part in cultural life od silesia. He worked as a graphic artist in the publisiiing house 'Silesia'. He also published his graphical works in a number of polish magazines and newspapers.

Georgij Safronow had about 80 personal exhibitions and 100 worksiiop exhibitions in Paris, Munich, Aachen, Prague, Vienna, Brno, Tokyo, Toronto. He was awarded a schoolarship by the Ministry of Culture of Poland.

Georgij Safronow was a winner in the competition the best calendar of 1997.