Invest in carbon credits and help safeguard the environment for future generations by purchasing the highest quality Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) credits, carefully selected for you from the best renewable energy projects globally.


The European Union Emission Trading System (EU ETS) is the largest multi-national, emissions trading scheme in the world, and is a major pillar of EU climate policy. The ETS currently covers more than 10,000 installations with a net heat excess of 20 MW in the energy and industrial sectors which are collectively responsible for close to half of the EU's emissions of CO2 and 40% of its total greenhouse gas emissions.

Under the EU ETS, large emitters of carbon dioxide within the EU must monitor and annually report their CO2 emissions, and they are obliged every year to return an amount of emission allowances to the government that is equivalent to their CO2 emissions in that year.

Companies that go over their allowance purchase credits to offset their emissions, creating large demand for these credits.

here is the process  investors will enter into:

  1. Carbon-expert sources VCS registered VCU carbon credits from projects we KNOW companies in Europe are interested in purchasing from (they like specific projects in specific countries).
  2. Carbon-expert purchases the credits wholesale through our broker at wholesale prices.
  3. The credits are then sold onto investors who have peace of mind that they are buying the right types of credits, in the right projects, at the right price.
  4. The credits are sold in batches to investors. The smallest investment is 1000 credits, but most investors will purchase anywhere between 10-100,000 credits at any one time. Most investors tend to purchase in multiple projects to create a carbon portfolio.
  5. The corporate side of my company is linked into carbon networks across Europe, who approach us to purchase the credits within an 18-24 month period. In the meantime, the investor´s holdings feature on the NYSE blue stock exchange in the US, so they can see their portfolio and holdings.
  6. Carbon expert negotiates the price on behalf of the client and then trades the credits onto the companies, depending on which projects they want and at what volume. Carbon-expert takes 5% of the profit from the client as payment for the service.
  7. All purchasing is done under UK law, with UK law society regulated solicitors using UK escrow and Barclays bank, London.

It is really quite a simple but effective process . We get them involved at wholesale price, we let the process take place (18-24 months). We know which projects the companies are interested in because of our team of analysts. We negotiate the deal for the client, take 5% of the profit  and then the process starts again…..

The client gets in at around 3-5GBP per credit. We can sell them on for 7-9GBP per credit in 18-24 months (circa 50% ROI). If the companies don´t buy them from us, they have to buy them (in the case of the UK) from the British government at 14GBP per credit. If they FAIL to purchase them, they get fined up to 40GBP per carbon tone that is not offset.

Mandatory carbon reporting is going to be a legal requirement for all businesses in the UK as of next year (April 2012), so companies are starting to be very pro-active when it comes to offsetting their emissions. A great time to get involved. When April 2012 comes round, the prices should go up substantially. We are already finding it hard to get the right credits, in the right projects at the right price.

That is our service . We get you in at the right price, and exit you  in 18-24 months at the right price with no effort from the client. They sit back, can view their holdings and allow us to undertake our business activity.

The question that normally comes up! Why don´t the companies go straight to the projects?

  1. They don´t know which ones to go to.
  2. They have no experience in negotiating.
  3. The companies don´t have the resources to do so.
  4. If you buy a BMW you go to your local dealership, not Munich!
  5. They don´t want to throw a lot of resources at this. If we are there, measuring their emissions and offering a price that is half of that offered by the government, most of them say yes!!!
  6. If a company purchases the credits, they have to retire them straight away, and most of them are working 12-18 months ahead (hence the timing of the investment).